The brokerage that is always open

The Mission

24X Bermuda strives to change the dynamic for market participants so they can increase profitability through highly competitive fees and gain access to a multi-asset offering through a single brokerage interface.

How can we offer lower fees? Today’s electronic markets are largely siloed by asset class – as a marketplace’s volume increases, so does its pricing power, leaving customers subject to ever-increasing fees.

Our mission is to put our users first, helping them increase profitability through highly competitive fees, while keeping the bar high for service, R&D and by keeping connectivity simple.

The Benefits

  • Customizable Pricing & Liquidity
  • Bridge Traditionally Fragmented Product Liquidity Pools
  • Dynamic credit management
  • Trade with a single central dealer discreetly
  • Lowest Possible Costs
  • Top of Book, Sweepable and Full Amount Trading
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