24X Bermuda is the only brokerage that bridges the traditionally fragmented pool of liquidity in NDFs by using a single central dealer and unique workflow and removing the barriers to onboard

  • Fully anonymous pool of liquidity

  • Competitive spreads across all tenors

  • Configurable Liquidity


24X Bermuda offers the most cost-effective way to access deep liquidity for trading FX spot by using a single central dealer model

  • Executable streaming prices

  • Customized liquidity management

  • Complete anonymity


24X Bermuda provides the first anonymous fully electronic brokerage interface for FX Swaps using a single central dealer for execution

  • Streaming aggregated FX Swap points solution for passive and aggressive trading

  • Support for various order types for introduction to a single central dealer

  • Unique credit management solution allowing pre-allocated credit that can be dynamically updated

  • No additional paperwork or connectivity is required for existing FX users

Brokerage Access

  • FIX API, Order Entry, Market Data, Direct STP

  • Various third-party adaptors & STP solutions

  • Web & Downloadable Desktop GUI

  • Mobile App